Enfo's TS:MT Edition 1.90b

  • Автор карты: MT Team
  • Жанр: Hero Defence
  • Версия: 1.90b
  • Язык: English
  • Кол-во игроков: До 10
  • Поддержка компьютера: nono
  • Размер: Средний
  • Ландшафт: Город

    Безбашено популярная карта. Задача остаётся неизменной - выжить! Разнообразные герои, нестандартные иконки, красиво сделанные заклинания. Что бы несколько больше понять о карте, предлагаю посмотреть парочку скриншотов:

    1.90b (November 14, 2009)
    - Cabalist's Fireball had its mana cost reduced.
    - Combat Mastery had its progression changed (lvl 10 values are still the same).
    - Heroes should revive properly.
    - Hypnotist's Hallucination now won't be able to target summons summoned with Summonner's Darkrift.
    - Shadow Priest's Enfeeble's duration was fixed.

    - Draft Mode now won't bug if someone leaves during the hero picking.
    - Draft Mode now will have 14 pickable heroes.
    - Draft Mode will now stop Spellbringer's mana regen during the hero picking.

    - Monsters now use the Brown color, since the Light Blue is used by player 10.
    - Monsters won't get stuck when they're in a big number.

    - Added a few texts in the mini-map.
    - Added Donator Flavors.
    - Heavy Armor had its tooltips and damage taken fixed.
    - If an ability that denies the repick ability is used, players now will be able to repick any other hero on other matches.
    - New Score Achievement added: Bonus Monsters Killed.
    - New Score Achievement added: Not Killing Fast Enough.


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