Автор: Parrothead
Жанр: DotA / Aeon of Strife / AoS
Кол-во игроков: 5х5
Версия: 2.10с
Ландшафт: Фелвуд

Вам представлена карта жанра AoS на 10 игроков, карта сделанна очень даже не плохо. Карта понравиться так и любителям DotA так и простым игрокам. Удачной игры!

Changelog V2.10с:
All heroes now have unique movespeeds other then 270 (270 -> Differences).

Lowered Flesh Heap's spell reduction (6,12,18 -> 6,8,10).
Slightly lowered Dismember's damage (90 -> 80).
Lowered Pudge's damage and attack speed.
Pudge's Rot makes Pudge lose slightly more hitpoints.

Slightly remade Obsidian Destroyer.
-Buffed Obsidian Destroyer's base damage and attack speed.
-Improved Stun Pulse's speed and greatly increased cast range.
-Conversion now relies on spell casting to reset instead of being attacked.
-Lowered Void Pull's cooldown.

Fixed the neutral xp system from malfunctioning.
Buffed Serpent Wards for Lady Lial.
Removed cooldown for Mana Burner.
The Sentinel and Scourge can't break your kill streaks anymore.
Gave Neurbian Arachnid a better hero icon.
Added a tip system for hero building guidelines (type -tips or -build to view them).
Fixed an issue that allowed for the same hero to be picked twice.


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